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Welcome to the world of jewellery making and the Guild of Jewellery Designers/British Pearl Association Jewellery Designer/Makers Directory.


Whether searching for designer jewellery,  wedding rings, special occasion jewellery or looking to commission a UK based jewellery maker, this directory is your first port of call for all your handmade jewellery UK needs.


jewellery reunited lost jewellery recovery service
Lost or Stolen Jewellery Recovery Service

Jewellery Reunited is a simple system for helping to recover lost or stolen jewellery and return it to it's rightful owner.




Register your unique serial numbers to cover the amount of jewellery items that you want to protect.




Relax and don’t panic! It might still be in the house so keep on looking.

In the meantime, if you have really lost it and it gets found, the finder will no doubt look at the jewellery for any identifying marks, locate the serial number and web address and then visit our site to enter the code and start the lost jewellery recovery service process for returning your item to you.




An email is automatically sent from our site to the owner with details of the person who found it and the item of jewellery.

They can then contact the finder directly to arrange collection or delivery of the item.

Offering a reward for the return could help to encourage the finder to initiate the reuniting process.



GoJD PPL Insurance for jewellery designer/makers


Please use the search box or browse the categories to find a GoJD or British Pearl Association member to make jewellery items in metals such as Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium to designer metals like Titanium, Zirconium and Stainless Steel, intricate and beautiful lampwork jewellery to dazzling enamels and resin.

As an alternative, we now have a new 'Commission a Designer/Maker' request feature through the GoJD handmade platform, Odissa. Bring your ideas to life to create your perfect piece.



guild of jewellery designers trusted designer maker

Fraudulent traders are selling fake and low quality jewellery on a website near you!!!

Search the GoJD Trusted Designer/Maker category for extra peace of mind when choosing your designer.

Information about GoJD Trusted Designer/Makers



The Guild of Jewellery Designers (incorporating The British Pearl Association) is a collaboration of British jewellery designers and artisans ranging from part time enthusiasts to dedicated full time professionals offering support and networking.

Both organisations seek to encourage and promote jewellery designer/makers and the work of our members and to promote the growth of the UK and worldwide pearl industry representing both cultured and natural pearls.

We are a nationwide guild for jewellery makers, retailers and silversmiths offering practical help and advice to our members as well as forging links within the industry, enabling us to offer the best opportunities to GoJD and BPA members. More about The GoJD and the BPA.



Visit Odissa. Buy Direct From Guild Members

The handmade products marketplace created by The GoJD

Odissa is an online jewellery and arts and crafts marketplace run by The Guild of Jewellery Designers where visitors to the site can buy quality handcrafted products direct from a growing, diverse range of independent designer/makers.


Odissa is a marketplace of jewellery and other craftworks shops which cater for the growth in designer fine handmade products and brings you the best of thoughtfully curated, modern creative workmanship.

The platform was created by The Guild of Jewellery Designers as an additional or first step sales channel for members and non-members. It allows  jewellery makers to sell designer jewellery, showcase their products and help to maintain and grow the British Jewellery making industry in the face of cheap foreign imports.


 Buy with confidence from a GoJD Gold Plus or Extra member or a BPA Platinum or Pearl member - The GoJD/BPA products and public liability (PPL) cover includes sales to the USA, Canada and worldwide

Online tools for pricing your jewellery and craft products 2020



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Recent Reviews

Stacking silver rings
Beccy Gillatt - jewellery tu...
Stacking silver rings

I had a lovely time today, Beccy helped my sister, her friend I make some really nice rings. She let us do it all the ...

Hannah B
July 28, 2020
Beccy Gillatt - jewellery tu...

I would whole heartedly recommend this course with Becky, we came as a group of 3 ages ranging from 16-40s and we each...

July 26, 2020
Incredible bespoke rings!
Sally Davies Silver
Incredible bespoke rings!

I asked Sally to create me two bespoke rings in silver as my digits are a little on the larger side which makes buying...

Clair Johnson
July 22, 2020
Hold Your Horse

I am so pleased to finally find a jeweller to fix my engagement ring for me! Dawn has done a wonderful job and my ring...

Dawn Cooper
April 9, 2020
100% recommended
Forget Me Not Jewellery
100% recommended

I used Lee after my father in law passed away suddenly and I wanted to create a bespoke bracelet for my wife. Lee a...

Rob Duggan
December 3, 2019
Forget Me Not Jewellery

Lovely man, took time to discuss with me what i wanted, and nothing was too much, really happy i was recomended, i can...

Joanne ( Petal )
July 31, 2019
Zenobia Designz

I love everything this designer has made. Skill, knowledge and love.

Heather Cave
June 26, 2019
Zenobia Designz

Stunning designs which are bespoke, superb craftsmanship and reasonable prices! Never been disappointed with quality a...

Sue Barnes
June 26, 2019

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1.GoJD Trusted Designer/Makers
1.GoJD Trusted Designer/Makers 20
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2.Gold Members 202
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3.Odissa Designers 14
4. The British Pearl Association
4. The British Pearl Association 10
Aluminium Jewellery
Aluminium Jewellery 13
Animal Jewellery
Animal Jewellery 10
Argentium Silver Jewellery
Argentium Silver Jewellery 4
Art Jewellery
Art Jewellery 52
Ashes/Cremation Memorial Jewellery
Ashes/Cremation Memorial Jewellery 8
Bead Bracelets
Bead Bracelets 12
Beads and Findings
Beads and Findings 5
Bespoke Jewellery Design
Bespoke Jewellery Design 75
Birthstone Jewellery
Birthstone Jewellery 14
Bridal Jewellery
Bridal Jewellery 6
Broken China Jewellery
Broken China Jewellery 3
CAD Jewellery Design
CAD Jewellery Design 7
Celtic Wedding Rings
Celtic Wedding Rings 2
Chainmaille Jewellery
Chainmaille Jewellery 15
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Jewellery
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Jewellery 2
Commission A Jewellery Designer
Commission A Jewellery Designer 123
Costume Jewellery
Costume Jewellery 17
Cufflinks 10
Custom Jewellery
Custom Jewellery 42
Diamond Jewellery
Diamond Jewellery 13
Earrings 29
Enamelled Jewellery
Enamelled Jewellery 14
Ethical Jewellery
Ethical Jewellery 17
Fine Jewellery
Fine Jewellery 19
Fingerprint Jewellery
Fingerprint Jewellery 21
Gemstone Jewellery
Gemstone Jewellery 101
Glass Jewellery
Glass Jewellery 15
Gold Jewellery
Gold Jewellery 51
Horse Hair Jewellery UK
Horse Hair Jewellery UK 7
Jewellery Courses
Jewellery Courses 23
Jewellery Repairs
Jewellery Repairs 11
Keepsake Jewellery
Keepsake Jewellery 9
Keum Boo Jewellery
Keum Boo Jewellery 7
Lampwork 4
Lapidary 2
Leather Lace and Cord
Leather Lace and Cord 1
Masonic Jewellery UK
Masonic Jewellery UK 2
Memorial Jewellery
Memorial Jewellery 11
Men's Jewellery
Men's Jewellery 20
Mixed Media
Mixed Media 14
Non Precious Metal Jewellery
Non Precious Metal Jewellery 11
Online Jewellery Marketplace
Online Jewellery Marketplace 6
Pagan Jewellery
Pagan Jewellery 3
Palladium Jewellery
Palladium Jewellery 2
Pearl Jewellery
Pearl Jewellery 18
Pearl Restinging
Pearl Restinging 5
Pendants 17
Platinum Jewellery
Platinum Jewellery 3
Public Liability Insurance UK
Public Liability Insurance UK 1
Recycled Jewellery
Recycled Jewellery 12
Remodelling Old Jewellery
Remodelling Old Jewellery 10
Resin Jewellery
Resin Jewellery 12
Rings 26
Silicone Rubber Jewellery
Silicone Rubber Jewellery 1
Silver Jewellery
Silver Jewellery 259
Steampunk Jewellery
Steampunk Jewellery 4
Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski Crystals 6
Tiaras 4
Titanium/Stainless Steel Jewellery
Titanium/Stainless Steel Jewellery 6
Upcycled Jewellery
Upcycled Jewellery 6
Viking Jewellery UK
Viking Jewellery UK 2
Vintage Jewellery
Vintage Jewellery 5
Wax Seal Stamps
Wax Seal Stamps 1
Wedding Jewellery
Wedding Jewellery 35
Wood Jewellery
Wood Jewellery 1

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