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Articles in Jewellery Tutorials

Five Top Tips from James Miller


James has been a goldsmith for 49 years and created fine pieces for Asprey, Garrard and Kutchinsky. He has personally trained two apprentices in his time at the bench. ... Read full article

Five Top Tips from Jinks McGrath


Jinks McGrath is a designer jeweller, teacher and author who trained at Berkshire College of Art and Design in the late 1970s. Jinks works in all the precious metals and enamels and also uses precious and semi-precious stones.... Read full article

Five Top Tips from Stephen M Goldsmith


Polishing hints and tips from Stephen M Goldsmith, FIPG KCHS... Read full article



A Thermoplastic is a polymer that becomes pliable or mouldable above a specific temperature, and returns to a solid state upon cooling. Because of their molecular structure, most thermoplastics can be remolded.... Read full article

Make Your Own Jewellery With Lost Wax Casting Methods and Techniques

by Chris Ralph on

Lost wax casting is an ancient art. The technique was first employed by the early Egyptians but it was also independently discovered and used tribal artists in South America who used it to cast pre-Columbian gold. It was rediscovered by... Read full article



This heat based process creates a ridged and rippled effect across the surface of the silver, it is a unique effect and once the process has been mastered can produce stunning results.... Read full article

The Piercing Saw


The saw traditionally used by jewellers, known as a piercing saw, looks very much like a fretsaw or hacksaw. That is, a fine-toothed blade is held under tension in a metal frame. Frames are available in a variety of sizes from 2” up to approximately ... Read full article

How To Make a Dichroic Glass Cabochon

by Jill Egan on

When working with glass it is important that all the glass used has the same coefficient of expansion (COE). In this project I'm using Bullseye glass and dichroic glass, both of which are COE90.... Read full article

Pickling Information


Pickling is generally used to remove surplus flux, heat discolouration and oxidation from gold and silver articles that have been soldered or been subject to excessive heat. ... Read full article

Soldering Demystified


You think this soldering article is for beginners only? Think again!... Read full article