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Articles in Marketing

Five Top Tips from Andrew Geoghegan


Andrew Geoghegan is an award winning fine jeweller and founder of the AG brand, renowned for its innovative and meticulously designed jewellery which is regarded amongst the best in the UK.... Read full article

Making The Most of Your Guild of Jewellery Designers Directory Listing


As the GoJD website climbs up the Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine ladders for various key search terms, it will be increasingly important to make sure that your directory listing is as efficient as it can be for your marketing needs.... Read full article

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) What is it?

by Alan Hadley on

A broad definition of SMO would be that it is a form of internet marketing which harnesses the power of the increasingly popular user driven content bookmarking sites such as digg.com and wists.com for sources of both inbound links and traffic. This ... Read full article

10 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tips

by Barry Fenning on

1. Optimise every page on your website. The major search engines are not looking at individual websites and ranking them, they are ranking pages from every website in the world. This means that if your website contains more than one page you should o... Read full article

Choosing A Domain Name

by Alan Hadley on

Obtaining a domain name is a relatively easy process, but the choice of your name can have a major impact on your placing with the search engines. Choosing a name that gives the public an idea of your business and what your site is all about makes i... Read full article

A Guide to Jewellery Packaging

by Rachel Watkyn on

Are you thinking about refreshing your packaging? Or maybe deciding on gift wrap for the first time? Read this fascinating guide on the psychology of packaging before making your decision. How important is packaging ? Some researchers claim ... Read full article

OK, I have a website. What do I do now?

by Alan Hadley on

You jump on the band-wagon and commission an all singing, all dancing website. Where are all those people that are going to bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams for minimal effort and how do you entice them onto your website? The easiest way... Read full article

Not Untitled: 40+ Incentives to Name Your Jewellery

by Marthe Le Van on

“Titles do not give a just idea of things; were it otherwise, the work would be superfluous.” Gustave Courbet... Read full article

Turning Your Jewellery Into A Business

by Rebecca Skeels on

Rebecca Skeels is an established artisan jeweller of some 20 years as well as fulfilling various other roles as a Senior Tutor & Cluster Leader at UCA Farnham, a board member at ACJ and a member of the Board of Trustees at the New Ashgate Gallery.... Read full article

Five Tips For A Professional Website

by Martha Mawson on

There are certain “rules of thumb” that are easy to remember and wise to follow. Here are five tips that will assist you in creating an honest, professional and successful website.... Read full article