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Handmade jewellery is always something special and each piece is unique - just like it is here, at Bijoux de Chagall. We are small Family business and here to help you look and feel fabulous! Every jewellery piece is created with quality time spent on every detail and the look and style is an intentional part of the design. Quite often the natural lines of the gemstones are creating its own Art and each result is unpredictable and unique. It's very important for us that the products are genuine and not fake. We love natural precious and semi-precious stones, which are searched and picked often from original sources or reputable / trusted international suppliers. We also use Lab-created gemstones as these stones are very special and quite valuable as Lab-created stones are REAL gemstones. These gemstones should never be confused with artificial ones. Lab-created gemstones are physically, chemically and optically identical to the natural mined geological gemstones. We also believe that Lab-created gemstones have less effect on the ecology of our planet and definitely are conflict FREE! All pieces are created using only precious metals - 9ct solid Gold, Fine & Sterling Silver and NO recycled metals are used as they can be contaminated with various traces of other alloys, which can cause allergy and health issues. Every piece is created and finished by hand, even polishing process is done manually due to using a combination of solid Gold and Silver precious metals in most of our designs. Our pieces are created from 100% genuine precious metal sources from official UK and US registered Jewellery suppliers. Some our pieces have 14ct Gold filled option. Gold filled jewellery is an economical alternative to solid gold, where Gold is an actual thick layer of gold - pressure bonded to another metal, usually brass or copper. Gold filled does not flake off, rub off or tarnish. Anyone who can wear gold can wear gold filled without worries of any allergic reaction to the jewellery. We don't like using Vermeil and Gold plating techniques as it will only last a few weeks and the original design and look will be ruined and lose its original appearance, unlike Gold filled or Bonded Gold. There are many different styles pieces in our shop. We understand It's not always easy to decide. If you can not find anything, we can make a piece according to your wishes, so it will become even more personal and made especially for you!



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