Never work with kids or animals.....

Never work with kids or animals..... But here at MMM I do both! MMM started after a nickname was given to Mini by a friend at around the same time as Mama was setting up at craft fairs with handmade jewellery. Mini now helps in the design process & does some rather fantastic flyers and vouchers for Mama! Then along came MiloDogMinx a large dog who is convinced he can fit in a small space (he can't!). The most recent addition to the team is MicroDogMinx - also known as Bert - who fills the most important role of all 'General Dogsbody'! Working from a small studio in the beautiful Shropshire countryside Mama handcrafts copper, sterling, aluminium, leather and gemstone jewellery & accessories - combining traditional silver techniques with handstamping and heavy texturing (a love of vintage hammers really helps this along!). If you have a custom request just pop me a message and I can work with your budget to provide a unique piece of wearable artwork x

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