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I have been creating pieces in Sterling Silver now for more years that I care to remember. I started creating pieces inspired by the Scottish landscapes, colours and people for the commercial market, but, as time has gone by, I have found that my work has moved more into the pagan style and meanings. I now work more with the seasonal growth of Scotland, her organic forms, trees and animals. Every piece I work on has a meaning, a reason behind it. No longer do I sit for hours with a blank sketchbook in front of me wondering how to fill the pages. I now sit with the silver and simply start. I am influenced heavily by my pagan/witchy background and country upbringing, something I am very proud of. I have worked with healing crystals and herbs for many years and have found they have worked their way into my creations, giving them a stronger purpose to the wearer. As well as Silver, I make candles, incense and wooden wands with silver inlays. These will come on to facebook eventually but for the moment, they stay hidden. Blessed Be )O(


South Lanarkshire ML12 6HP

7 miles south of Biggar, South Lanarkshire,

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  • All bridal/groom commissions, Engagement, private commissions as gifts.
  • Full design service.
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